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President's Message

Good Day,

It is with a hopeful heart that I begin my tenure as President of our Chapter which coincides with the name change from ASMP Central Florida Chapter to ASMP Greater Florida Chapter.

We reach much further than just Central Florida - from the far NorthWest of Pensacola to the southern reaches of Naples in the SouthWest, over to Daytona and the Central East, all the way up to Jacksonville and the NorthEast. Sometimes it is easier to describe where we aren’t.

As part of the effort to grow a greater sense of a community, we (the Board) asked ASMP National to approve the new name. “What’s in a name?”, you might say. A sign of a beginning of inclusiveness, we would respond.

Now that we are renamed, I am on a mission to close the loop that is our Chapter. With “shooters”, “image makers”, “moving” and “still” picture creators, and all our “Individual Affiliate Members” (defined as those who are not working photographers, but part of the industry) spread all over our state, creating a sense of community is a daunting task. However, in this era of inter connection via the “inter-web”, sharing has become much easier. Although FaceBook is the thorn in the side of some, it has allowed us to reach 350 followers (and growing) quickly and easily. We will continue to send out relevant information via the ASMP GFL FaceBook page so please make sure you are following us: ASMP GFL FACEBOOK

Any part of looking ahead should include Goals. We have been taught to create not just Goals but SMART Goals. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for the 5 steps of goal creation. Make them: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals. I’ll keep the specifics for the Board (Steve Benson, Joe Brooks, Will Glover, Gil Williams, David Monroe & Charles Brewer - with help from past board members, Pierre Dutertre and Cathy Dutertre) for now, I’ll just share the main points based on our Mission Statement, which is: 

Our mission is to create & foster a photographic community, educate & inspire its members, & advocate sound business practices.

So, Goal 1: foster a community - using the tools of the day (phone, inter-web, and yes, actual gatherings where we talk to one another). Over the next year expect a phone call from me and others of the Board.

Goal 2: educate - presentations for both the established and emerging photographers. Maybe not as many as we have had but hopefully you will find each one helpful for your business and inspiration for your creative side.


Goal 3: inspire -…share, share & share - What are you doing (cool project, personal work)? Who helps make your job easier (great assistant, stylist, producer)? What troubles are you experiencing (estimating & negotiating)? Chances are one of us has been there before. Why not ask for help? Or offer an ear to another….

Goal 4: advocate sound business practices - we can’t make you do it but we can show you how to license, create contracts/agreements, track usage, and more, and more importantly that following these methods will work for you.

Finally, and I tried to make this short, we all should remember, we are in “relationships" with our clients - business relationships. Relationships are about expectations and one can’t know another’s hopes without communication. In any good alliance, communication is key.

With that, I’d like to bring you some news - emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, and epromos aren’t a replacement for a good old face to face (tete-a-tete - literally head to head). 

In those “substations for real conversations”, there are major aspects of communication that are missing, namely, tonality (smiley faces are subject to misinterpretation) and body language (non existent). Check out the graph below and you’ll quickly realize why those emails sometimes end up confusing the recipient when you clearly typed the words. Without hearing they way you say something, or seeing the expression on your face, the reader is left with only 7% of the information.  

So here is your call to action, be a member in body not just in spirit. This is Your Chapter and it will only be as good as you make it. Pick up the phone, communicate with other chapter members. We are compatriots not competitors. Together with dialogue, we can have a better Market and thrive not just survive. 

Talk to me, 

(but please, address me as)

Your el Presidente,

Alex McKnight

Thanks.  813-785-3929